Thursday, June 03, 2010

包子唱蝴蝶 O sang butterfly in Mandarin

This is my first English post! Yeah~ \(**)/...My older daughter Olivia is now 22 month & half. She's been so interested in learning and singing. I've read 7 Steps to Raising a Bilingual Child when Olivia start to talk. There is a method I've been following & asked my hubby , R, also to follow. The author called it " one parent one language" strategy. I've been talking and singing in Mandarin to Olivia & now plus Angelia. It's a little bit weird to R. at first; because it's just not a language he would use on the daily basis...except for talking to his folks. But once he got a hand on it: Here is how: he started with speaking French only when changing her diaper. Then he spoke French when reading to her...and now, he only speaks French to both kids. Olivia quickly learned to talk to her dad in French and to me in Mandarin. The first time she said "couverture" (Blanket) to her dad, R didn't get it. She repeated many times ... finally she turned to me and say "Mao Tian" (blanket in Mandarin)...then R realized she is asking for her blanket in French to him. It's been so encouraging to teach Olivia ... anything except basic life essential such as feeding herself & tell mommy when she has a wet diaper. She is constantly glued onto a book, constantly talking to herself and singing. Language is about exposure & surviving. If she needs to say it to get what she wants, she would remember the word. However, the kids have to have the interest as well. Some kids are not ready to talk when they can't speak in full sentence. Those kids are quiet for a long time. When they open their mouths, they are "talking" for real. Olivia is not like that...she just love her own voice too much.

Here she has her favorite "insects" book (Mandarin). Whenever she turns to the pages with an insect which has a feature song she knows...she would sing that song. In this video, she was singing a famous Chinese nursery song "butterfly".


  1. that is adorable! She is so cute and I love listening to her sing! Thanks for writing in English!!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing the book and how you practice teaching baby O. different languages. I'll practice it when Ryan starts to talk. ^^

  3. Is he talking yet? You gotta talk to him before he starts to talk...boys are slower in general...but Ryan looks extremely bright!! Talk soon~


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