Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a whining mom

Taking care of two babies & trying to pursue a career at the same time is nearly impossible. I'm not getting anywhere yet careerwise. However, I always feel guilty when Angelica is sleeping & Olivia is playing with herself in the game room all alone as I catching up with the online class I'm taking. Angelica is now 7 month old. Olivia is 2 today. She is a very cheerful girl. She would come to me and give kisses spontaneously. She loves to sing and listens to music by her CD players. She'd just lie down on the floor by the music and put her feet up to enjoy the melody.

The worst time is when they are both awake & both hungry. A. is a good eater but O. is not. Bottom line, they don't eat the same thing yet (A. is still on baby food & formula) & O. doesn't like to feed herself...period. The best time is when they are both napping (like now) ... time is running out. I got to go:)

O's crayon art at 23 month


  1. It has to be hard finding a balance. I think you are doing a great job. Motherhood is a difficult job.

  2. Thank you Heather:) You're so nice!

  3. I enjoy so much reading your diary/note about your life with the family, esp with A&O. I think you're doing very well!Things take time to form, yet it's great to see that you enjoy what you are doing now! (even tho you do get very busy*_^) Happy for you!

  4. I'll try to write more often:) Pretty busy life...miss you...


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