Tuesday, March 08, 2011

sick babies

Last Sat. was the 1st time we experienced two sick babies at once. This time the virus is pretty weird. Fortunately, it's a common cold after all. We're still fighting it but they're getting much more active now. I thought I can share some of tricks that works for me here:)

1st day they both had a fever. We took the temperature & decide to give them infant's advil. They are both somewhat around 25 pounds. So I gave them Ibuprofen 50mg (one dosage infant's advil) It's for reducing the fever & pain. Every 6 hours I gave them each a full dose again & it works really well. I was able to control the heat & they were pretty "happy" when the medicine was taking effect. I know from before that if the temperature comes down means there's no infection & we don't need to go to the doctor (to get the anti-biotic)-since it's not "bacteria" but "virus".

Olivia is coughing since the beginning of the fever. I found one called "Chestal" homeopathic cough syrup. It's the only one I found for age 2. I gave it to Angelica (14 mo.) also since her weight is like a 2 year old:) This stops Olivia's cough at night almost immediately. It's a honey base syrup & works great. I heard the Hyland is also a good brand for natural coughing syrup for babies.

For a running nose, I use Pigeon "baby nasal aspirator vacuum suction". My 2.5 y loves it. She notices that she can breath again after I vacuum her nose:)

Also, it's impossible to separate a sick kid from the rest of the family. So I didn't even try. LOL.

Keep warm & healthy little ones!

p.s. Some updates: After two weeks of coughing, Angelica didn't get better neither did Olivia. Therefore, I called the hospital to consult a nurse. She suggested us to make an appointment to check their lungs. We went yesterday with both babies. Our new pediatrician checked their lungs (front & back) & rule out the pneumonia (肺炎). Then he checked their ears...there was a lot of wax so he had to clean one of Olivia's ears to see the inner ear. & surprisingly (since they both didn't have a fever), they are both having ear infection due to a bad draining of fluid caused by cold or flu. He prescribed a penicillin-type antibiotic for them. Last night, gave Angelica her dose & this morning Olivia,too. They are now on the way to fight the germ!! Had I sucked out their mucus more often, I might be able to prevent this:( Anyway, wish everybody well again.

4/13 updates: Angelica got another fever on Sat. & is now still coughing. I read somewhere that the infection might come back so I plan to take her to the hospital again if she's not recover by this weekend:(...One of my friends reminded me that Saline water could help. It works very well this time. It took away Angelica's dry nasal congestion to help her go to bed comfortably. Olivia still has a running nose & the "simply saline" I use works very well on her as well. You can buy "little noses",too...I like both designs.  Anyway, keep fighting the season, fighting the weather!!!

9/27, 2012 updates:
It's been a year & half. This past winter they did much better. Now the winter is coming again. I discovered a new medicine called Hyland's Sniffles & Sneezes which works pretty well for cold symptoms like running noses, etc. If they are not feeling too bad, I'd give them two tablets before taking them to the park or supermarkets. And again, keep my finger crossed ~

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  1. I do hope the babies get better really fast for you! Poor little ones!!!!! Poor Momma!!!! I hope you don't get it either. That would be bad!


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